Meet the Owner


Suzy Daruwala, Founder & Owner at Sew Bella Home

My Beginnings:

As long as I can remember, I was always working on needle art projects. Still, it wasn’t until I took my first quilting class that I became officially obsessed with fabric, color, and design. From that point forward, I saw the world from a new lens; everywhere I looked, I was struck by pattern, composition and color combinations. On a family trip to Italy, I was captivated by sights, not only for their architectural detail, but I also viewed and photographed the authentic tile work on the floors, ornately carved columns of the cathedrals, and detailed mosaics as inspiration for design.

I have never been a stranger to doing things by hand. My background in design and fabrication began when I formalized my training in apparel. Soon after, I found my passion for fabrics through coursework and hands-on experience in quilting, quickly followed by upholstery and drapery coursework at the distinguished Custom Home Furnishings Academy in North Carolina.

About Sew Bella

As a former nurse, I decided to continue with custom – not clinical – leaving my nursing shoes behind to expand and grow Sew Bella Home into the couture design and fabrication studio that it is today. I founded my company in New Jersey in 2007, relocated to Lexington, MA, in 2010 and finally settled in Del Mar, CA, in 2015. During these years, I continued my education and study of design. My friends and neighbors-turned-clients kept me busy with work - and I loved it!

Today, I continue my education and study of design through conferences, individual and group training, as well as hosting training classes in my workroom studio.  

Why Sew Bella

Clients return to Sew Bella again and again because of the exceptional quality and detail-oriented design I deliver. I create soft furnishings – custom draperies, window treatments, and upholstery – for every room of the home made with your personality and style in mind.

If you or someone you know has been waiting for the right window treatment designer to come along - one who listens to you, hears your needs and desires, and is able to translate them into a unique interior design plan just for you - you’ve found me. Sew Bella Home by Suzy Daruwala creates comforts of home that express who you are and the way you want to live!